All your backyard needs in One place.

No matter the size, or whether it is a saline or chlorine pool, Walcott's has you covered. We promise that your pool will always be crystal clear to dive right in on a hot sunny day. Additionally your pool service will always immediately follow your yard maintenance to ensure that no clippings every find there way into your secret oasis! Walcott's also specializes in winter maintenance so you never have to worry about a thing! 



We specialize in luxury and historic home lawn care. No yard is too small or too big. Walcott's Landscape and Design streamlines the process making it efficient for our discerning clients. An email or text notification is sent 15 minutes prior to the crews arrival. And as always all Walcott's staff have passed a thorough FBI background and drug check. We are proud to hire staff from the USA and those that have perviously served in the US Military.   


Your pool service specialist is waiting.

We deliver everything you need to enjoy your pool... minus the cabana boy!